A Summer Nights Sleep


I don’t know about the rest of you but in this hot weather i have trouble sleeping, id wake up and my skin would look dull and with bags under my eyes, it would look like i hadn’t even been to sleep.

Well that was before i come across these two products….

If you love Elemis you will defiantly love there Peptide 4 Night Recovery Cream – Oil

30ml  £49.00


Benefits: Hydrates, Restores, Replenishes
                    For all skin types.

This skin synchronising night cream-oil combines the hydration of a moisturising cream with the protection of an oil. Skin follows natural circadian rhythms which boost repair and renewal at night.

It supports the skins natural night time circadian rhythm of repair and renewal.

It contains natural oils with high levels of anti-oxidant vitamins to help protect and replenish.

The complexion looks revitalised , nourished and healthy upon waking.

The other product i love this summer is…..

The Sleep Sound Cocoon by Dermalogica

50ml £72.50

Revitalizing treatment gel-cream transforms skin overnight by optimizing nighttime skin recovery. Motion-activated essential oils work all night to promote deep, restful sleep for healthier-looking skin by morning.


  • Visibly increases radiance by morning.
  • Reduces signs of skin fatigue and restores vitality.
  • Promotes deep, restful sleep for healthier-looking skin.

how to use

Smooth over face and neck as the last step of your nighttime regimen, over toners and targeted treatments. Allow gel-cream to melt into skin overnight.

quick tip

Layer Sound Sleep Cocoon over their preferred Dermalogica moisturizer to further enhance overnight hydration.

With these products being made from Lavender Essential Oils they help you sleep while they are  working there magic on your face.

Last week at Renaissance…


As skincare specialists here at Renaissance we make it our priority to give you the best advice, products and treatment needed. We understand that every individual is different so everyone will something unique just for them. We offer a different range of products depending on your needs and price range.
As well as carrying out treatments we are always out and about spreading the word about how important it is to look after your skin.
So sit back, relax and enjoy seeing what we have been doing in the previous week, trying to change the world one face at time…..


So our week at Renaissance started off on Tuesday morning, we knew we were going to have an exciting week ahead of us, with the British Soap Awards coming up that following Saturday, so we made it our mission to get the soap stars faces glowing. On that Tuesday afternoon we had Kieron Richardson ( Ste from Hollyoaks ) in for a facial.

First of all he had a Microdermabrasion that is a cosmetic procedure that uses fine crystals and a vacuum to remove dead skin cells on the face. The aim is to reduce the effect of fine lines and minor skin blemishes. It works on all skin types and shouldn’t cause any skin colour changes or scarring.

Then he went on to having oxygen facial it involves a machine that sprays atomized moisturizers onto the skin using a stream of pressurized oxygen. The treatment is to hydrate skin immediately, making the face appear smoother and plumper.

Then lastly he had an anti ageing peel off mask to give you glowing radiant skin in just ten minutes, great for tired congested skin conditions. Crystal Clear Skincare Mask has active ingredients tackle problem areas, deeply cleansing skin, minimising pores size, whilst leaving it hydrated, and revived.

The treatments all together took about an hour and half. Kieron said he was so relaxed after the treatment and felt like a new man; its always great to see people leaving the salon feeling refreshed and confident.



On the Thursday we had Nicole Barber-lane ( Myra from Hollyoaks ) in for a pamper afternoon that consisted of a manicure and pedicure. She was lovely, chatty and telling us how much she was looking forward to the Soap Awards at the weekend. She was also telling us that she had chosen to come to us because she knew she would be able to get the relaxation she needed before the hard task of choosing an outfit.

It’s always lovely seeing them both and wish them the best of look at the soap awards !!!








As festive party season gets underway, we’re willing to bet your diary is looking a little full.

But, it’s important to find downtime in-between all the celebrations, and to steal a quiet evening or two for a relaxing pamper session. Read on for ELEMIS’ top tips for a truly indulgent evening. Your skin – and soul – will thank you for it.

1. Perfect your bath.

It may sound trivial, but there’s an art to running the perfect bath. If you’ve made the time for a proper soak, you may as well fine-tune the small details and reap the benefits.

“Bathing is back and our bathrooms are becoming a haven of relaxation.” Says Noella Gabriel, co-founder and creator of ELEMIS therapies. “Baths are one of the best therapies we can perform in every way – a shower simply isn’t a worthy substitute. The vibrations caused by surrounding the body in water induce a deep level of relaxation. It’s only when the body reaches this stage that the body detoxes to its maximum and in turn we experience a wonderful night’s sleep.”

But first, the basics. When it comes to temperature, it’s important not to shock the body with excessive heat. The most beneficial temperature is warm but not scalding – around 37 degrees (in line with the body’s internal thermometer). “All extremes challenge the skin so it’s recommended to keep your bathing water at body temperature, testing it with the back of your hand before getting in. Excessive heat can cause broken veins and dry out the body very quickly, which can result in in-grown hairs and eventually spots around the bikini line and backs of the thighs”warns Noella. “To prep before a bath, use a body brush to warm the limbs and stimulate circulation, meaning the body will not be shocked by the temperature change.”

2. Nourish your skin.

Skin nourishment begins in the bath, and the products you choose will depend largely on your mood. ELEMIS Life Elixirs Bath & Shower Oil is formulated in five different aromatherapy blends, each one working to enhance a specific mood. Choose the aroma that speaks to you most powerfully – whether Calm, Fortitude, Sleep, Embrace or Clarity – and pour a capful under the running water. For an extra dose of hydration, try blending with ELEMIS Skin-Nourishing Bath Milk, as the gentle Milk Whey will support the acid mantle and the NMF (natural moisturising factor) of your skin.

3. Soothe with scent.

We all know the mood-boosting benefits of using aromatherapy oils in our baths, but have you thought about using them after, too? Try lighting the corresponding Life Elixirs candle in your bedroom to extend the relaxing experience into your evening. Additionally, sweep the matching Perfume Oil over your pulse points – neck and wrists – to truly cocoon yourself in scent.

4. Treat with a mask.

An evening beauty ritual wouldn’t be complete without a skin-nourishing mask. ELEMIS Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm can actually be used as a deeply hydrating mask, allowing the protective Moringa Seed Peptide to penetrate deep within the epidermis. For congested skin that’s more in need of exfoliation, opt for Papaya Enzyme Peel, which gently sloughs away layers of dead skin cells to leave the complexion looking radiant and renewed.

5. Deeply detoxify

To complete your evening of total relaxation, settle in with a cup of herbal tea. It’s important to restore hydration levels after taking a hot bath, as the detoxification process can leave you dehydrated.

A cup of chamomile tea will aid digestion and quieten the mind – perfect before a night of deep, restorative sleep. For an extra anti-oxidant boost opt for pure green tea, and to reduce bloating try peppermint.


Article Elemis.com

5 Superfoods for Glowing Skin


We all know the phrase, ‘we are what we eat’, and never has this been truer than when it comes to our skin.

A healthy diet full of the essential good fats, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals your skin needs can mean the difference between a glowing complexion and a dull, lacklustre one.

That’s where Elemis’ NEW vegan-friendly Superfood Skincare System comes in. Designed to work in synergy with all the foods, juices and of course those matcha lattés we consume, it feeds the skin from the outside in with high potency, nutrient-rich Superfoods.

Read on to discover 5 of the Superfoods you’ll find in our Superfood Skincare System, and why your skin needs them.

We can’t get enough of this green. High in vitamin C, broccoli helps to stimulate collagen production to keep skin healthy and supple, whilst anti-oxidant vitamin A helps to defend the skin from harmful UV rays and free-radical damage. It’s also loaded with good fatty acids, to help give skin a radiant, healthy glow. Broc on!

SUPER Powers:
Rich in anti-oxidants Rich in omega 3, 6 and 9
High in vitamin C, K and A
Find it in: Superfood Facial Wash, Superfood Day Cream, Superfood Oil

Whether smashed on toast or in your skincare, avocado is well known for its myriad of health and skin benefits. High in essential nutrients, including potassium, B-vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin C and omega fatty acids, avocados help to keep skin healthy and hydrated by locking in moisture and regenerating damaged skin cells. They’re also loaded with anti-oxidants that help to defend against environmental damage and reduce the visible signs of aging. An all-round Superfood superstar!

SUPER Powers:
Rich in anti-oxidants Healthy oil Rich in good fatty acids including omega 6+ 9 High in vitamin E
Find it in: Superfood Facial Wash

Kale yeah! This leafy green is a nutrient knockout,with an abundance of skin benefits. Vitamin K helps to minimise those pesky dark circles under your eyes, whilst anti-oxidants and vitamin A help defend from free-radical damage and repair the skin. It’s also known for detoxification, flushing out toxins from the pores whilst simultaneously helping skin stay hydrated.

SUPER Powers:
High in fibre Rich in anti-oxidants High in vitamin A, C, B6 and K
Find it in: Superfood Facial Wash

Derived from the seed of a plant related to spinach, this protein-packed Superfood is high in riboflavin, which boosts elasticity and increases the production of connective tissue for smoother skin, reducing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. It contains all the essential amino acids to repair the skin as well as lysine, the building block in the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

SUPER Powers:
Contains all 8 essential amino acids High in Vitamin B2 – riboflavin Packed with proteins
Find it in: Superfood Night Cream


Made from ground up green tea leaves, matcha powder is a super potent source of nutrients and anti-oxidants; one cup of matcha is equal to about 10 cups of green tea! Its anti-oxidant power helps to reduce puffiness, improve the visible signs of damage caused by the environment for smoother skin. Matcha magic!

SUPER Powers:
Rich in anti-oxidants Contains chlorophyll to detox the skin
Find it in: Superfood Day Cream
Now you can add these Superfoods to your bathroom shelf as well as your kitchen with Elemis’ NEW Superfood Skincare System!

Do you really need an eye cream?


When it comes to skincare products, few are as divisive as the eye cream. Some swear by them, some have never tried them – so, do you really need one?

According to Noella Gabriel, Co-founder of ELEMIS, if you are serious about your skincare then the answer is unequivocally yes. “The skin around the eye area is extremely fragile and can be one of the first places to show signs of premature ageing. The eye area is often neglected and, if not looked after correctly, can become dry, puffy and congested – all factors that will age your face beyond your years.”

So, why do we need a different product for the skin around our eyes? Simply put, it’s all to do with the structure of the skin and the texture of your products. Formulations for the face can be too heavy or thick for the delicate eye area, which can lead to puffiness. What’s more, they can contain a high concentration of active ingredients which, while ideal for the face, can cause irritation around the eyes.

Below, we debunk the myths surrounding eye cream, and help you to find the holy-grail product that works for you…

At what age should I start using eye cream?

Today, everyone over the age of 20 should consider an eye cream. The reasons for this are manifold – on top of everyday squinting and smiling, our complexions now have to contend with a host of modern-day external aggressors – think environmental pollution, digital screen time and broken sleep – which can heighten the appearance of various eye concerns.

What can an eye cream really do?
While there are undoubtedly benefits to investing in an eye cream, it’s also important to be realistic about what these products can and cannot do.
The key is to differentiate between genetic concerns and those created by the environment. For example, certain eye shapes – round and hooded in particular – can naturally appear more hollow around the eye contour with age. This can lead to dark shadows and ‘eye bags’ looking magnified. While you can’t eliminate a genetically hollow eye structure with skincare, you can brighten up shadows exaggerated by environmental factors, such as lack of sleep and those Friday-night indulgences. ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks are your new secret weapon – these hydration superheroes leave eye contours looking visibly smoother and intensely moisturised.
On the other hand, a key eye issue that good skincare certainly can help combat is the development of the appearance of fine lines. ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment is formulated with our groundbreaking Padina Pavonica extract – an algae with remarkable abilities to increase moisture retention, ensuring those fine lines are plumped and smoothed It’s supremely light in texture – think more of a weightless gel than a serum – and has natural humectants to bump up hydration levels without overloading the skin. What’s more, the featherweight texture sits perfectly beneath makeup, meaning you can layer a concealer over the top for double-duty results.

How should I apply eye cream?
When it comes to eye-product application, there’s only one golden rule – go gently. As this skin is up to 10x thinner that the rest of the face, a light touch is pivotal – you don’t want to give the ageing process a helping hand! No matter the texture, tap the product on using your ring finger, working from the outer to the inner corner without dragging. Avoid overloading – a pea-sized amount is perfect – and always follow the eye contour bone, so the product doesn’t slip too close to the lash line.

Is one eye product enough?
Thanks to the incredible scientific advances of recent years, it’s likely your skincare routine now resembles something from a chemistry lab. From serums to treatments, creams to gels, we’ve all added more than a couple of steps to our regimes. So, when it comes to eye care, is one product enough?
Generally speaking, one great eye product, perfectly tailored to your skin type and eye shape, is enough for day and night care. However, there are some clever moves you can make to amp up the benefits for a special event or tiring week. For example, slipping a lightweight gel formula – such as ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment – beneath a cream will help seal in the actives, ensuring they work double duty on those shadows and fine lines. And for a serious pamper session, try patting on your eye treatment of choice, then slipping a pair of Pro-Collagen Hydra Gel Eye Masks over the top.


Article and pictures elemis.com

Guess who we met on our skincare travels!


We were delighted to be asked by Jason Manford to provide a little skincare pampering for his lovely wife Lucy following the birth of her second child and the release of her BBC drama The Split.


What People Are Saying

The staff are very friendly and accommodating, I enjoy my experience at Renaissance, especially when I want to feel pampered.   Thanks to the ladies for their good work!

Relaxing and friendly, overall a lovely environment, all the staff are very nice, can’t wait to come again

Have been enjoying my treatments at renaissance. The Japanese manicure has made my nails look lovely and feel very healthy. Back in st helens on Thursday for a second tummy detox from vicky  really looking forward to it.

— Joanne Jones