Pampered to Perfection at Peckforton!


Jodie Ann Davies from Just Tattoo of Us and Lacey Wiltshire brought the glam to our event at Peckforton Castle last Sunday in association with In The Style.

While we provided the pampering the girls provided the updates, pics and blogs!

Our Pamper Angels Nikki and Catherine

All our gorgeous girls! Catherine and Nikki with Sarah Jo Holder, Lacey Wiltshire, Jodie Ann Davies and Alisha Lemay.


Our clients love us!


Another award for Team Renaissance! 5* Reviews from our lovely clients

Lovely to see Michelle today – with her hands full!


Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift


Can I de-age my hands?


According to Good Housekeeping Magazine (May 2018) the best treatment for brown spots is IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). The light is absorbed by the dark pigment and turned into heat, damaging the pigment cells. Spots then darken and slough off over the next week.

Book your IPL consultation with Tricia, our Aesthetic and Laser Specialist – Prescot 0151 431 0348 – St Helens 01744 735 621

I’ve Found the Skincare Equivalent of a Daily Green Juice


A fantastic article by Shannon Peter from about the brilliant NEW Superfood Skincare Range from

When it comes to skincare ranges, I consider myself more of a pick-and-choose kind of shopper. You’d rarely catch me working my way through only a single range of products on any given day—I much prefer slotting new finds into my current lineup of skincare stalwarts I’ve come to know, love and thoroughly depend on. And I think that’s kind of how we all view skincare these days: We’re the experts who know what’s best for our faces.

That being said, I have recently come across a skincare line that does have me considering swiping the entirety of my bathroom cabinet for its four-part lineup and that’s Elemis’s new Superfood Skincare range.

Okay, okay, so I’m not actually going to give up my bathroom cabinet (if yours looked like this, would you?), but the point I’m trying to make is that these new Elemis products are so sturdy, so chock-full of skin goodness and so bloody glow-inducing, that if you’re looking for a ready-made skincare regimen, this is it.

Suitable for anyone who feels like they’ve lost their “glow” (isn’t that all of us?), this new range is all about boosting skin’s strength and brightness. The brand has funnelled all those nutrient-, antioxidant- and vitamin-rich foods we’ve been desperately trying to squeeze into our diets (think broccoli and chia seed) into topical treatments that make the skin look just as good as the body feels after a giant jug of green juice—it’s euphoria without the dodgy aftertaste.

And where I think Elemis has really nailed it is in the simplicity of the regimen: There’s a sturdy cleanser, a featherweight day cream, a richer night cream and a heavenly facial oil for when skin needs to be shaken back to life.

Want in? I’ve been trialling the new products for the past few weeks and these are my thoughts on each of them.

Elemis Superfood Facial Oil £45
The real OG superfood skincare product, Elemis’s oil contains antioxidant and omega-rich broccoli, flax seed and daikon radish. I’ve been using it for weeks now, alongside facial massage and after a few passes with my jade roller, I’m mildly addicted to the results. It’s like putting skin on an intravenous vitamin drip and leaving it there all day long.

Elemis Superfood Facial Wash £25
The cleanser does what all good cleansers should do: removes makeup, dirt, grime and excess oil with little hassle and little scrubbing. It’s got a slight foam to it (but not the skin-stripping kind), and unlike so many cleansers I’ve tried, it leaves skin comfortably clean—not squeaky and tight—and contains a natural prebiotic to gently nudge the skin microbiome back into balance.

Elemis Superfood Day Cream £42
It doesn’t feel like anything fancy, but while you’re busy brushing your teeth or doing your hair, this moisturiser is sending tiny little particles of ginger, matcha and goji berry deep below the skin’s surface, where they soften skin and bulk up its defences so not even this cold snap can bother it.

Elemis Superfood Night Cream £46
The green shade of the night cream is a little off-putting at first, but if you’re going to adopt a theme, you might as well run with it, eh? It’s laced with oils extracted from everything: chia, cucumber, orange peel, rosemary and carrot seed, which all cosset skin in a cosy blanket of hydration that gently dissipates into skin while you sleep. Dreamy.

What People Are Saying

…”I highly recommend a back and shoulder massage with Tricia. I arrived with aching shoulders and left an hour later feeling wonderfully relaxed and calm. I also love my Japanese manicures my nails look great and are in fabulous condition since I have been having these amazing manicures.”…

Just want to say a massive thank you for my hot stones massage tonight.  I loved every minute and the tea ceremony at the end finished it off perfectly :).  I love coming to the salon its a real treat:) esp after the last few weeks xx  Thanks again ladies xxxxxx

— Clair Owens

I had the  hot stones massage . omg its heaven!! you need to go the st helens shop, fab xxx I’ve had the balinese an reflexology too but the hot stone ones are the best. im totally chilled now xxx

— Clair Owens