5 Cold-Weather Skincare Secrets You Need To Know


Out of sight, needn’t be out of mind…

Right about now, when the clocks have just changed, the days are short and the nights long, it can be easy to slip into bad beauty habits. Your skin is likely hidden beneath layers of tights, trousers, jumpers and socks – so what’s the point in taking care of it?

Yet think back to summer, when you probably took more care in nurturing your body, and you’ll realise there’s a certain sense of pride and wellbeing that comes simply from making good choices for yourself. Which is why we’ve put together ELEMIS’ top 5 golden rules for maintaining your body through the winter months. Because – even if you’re wrapped up in layers most of the time – there’s nothing more important than feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin.

1. Exfoliate:
Whilst in summer, the prospect of baring our limbs jump-starts us into keeping our skin smooth, no sooner do we sink into our tights and skip exfoliation altogether. Fight the urge and keep your skin looking smoother and healthier by gently rubbing our Lime & Ginger Salt Glow over your limbs to return them to maximum softness.

2. Release that tension:
For moments when you’re feeling cold and weary, our Aching Muscle Super Soak releases physical tension and imparts a soothing aroma to calm the senses.

3. Hydrate, hydrate – then hydrate again:
We knew about scaly shins and crusty elbows. We also knew that our feet spend most of winter looking a paler shade of blue. But it was only recently that we discovered that having dry hips is a common phenomenon. Thinner and stretched over the hip bones, this area is particularly prone to dryness in the winter months as we move between the outside chill to the dehydrating effects of central heating inside. The solution is to hydrate in the morning and just after a bath or shower at night – adding an extra layer to those spots that are most vulnerable in winter. Tag team our Frangipani Monoi Shower Cream with our nourishing, fast-absorbing Frangipani Monoi Body Oil and you can say goodbye to scaly bits.


4. Treat your feet:
Yes, you should moisturise them. And yes, popping some socks on after applying our Treat Your Feet Foot Cream will help keep yours smooth and hydrated. But how about using your feet to reap the benefits of aromatherapy? As well as applying it to our wrists, we like to roll a little Life Elixirs Calm Perfume Oil over our feet at night when we’re padding around the house – or before heading into a yoga class. Every so often, the aroma of Clary Sage, Rosemary and Lavandin uplifts and and relaxes you all at once.

5. Get your glow:
If we did a straw poll of women who regularly use fake tan during winter, we’re willing to predict that numbers would be low. But whatever your skin tone, there’s something about adding a little bit of extra warmth that makes it look smoother and more supple. So, stick to that fake tan regimen whatever the weather, and you’ll always have a golden glow to be proud of. Our Total Glow Bronzing Body Lotion will do the job nicely.


Article Elemis.com Oct 17

Our Top 10 Skincare Tips for Autumn


It happens every year; summer winds down and the cool weather slowly makes its way in. As hard as it can be to pack away those shorts and summer dresses, it feels good to drag out the sweaters and the jeans.

Don’t forget though, just because your jeans and sweaters cover your skin doesn’t mean that you can take a break on your skin care regimen. Proper care can mean the difference between healthy skin and dry flaky skin.

Here are 10 skin care tips for fall to keep you looking beautiful through the autumn season.

1  Reassess Your Body Cleanser….In the summer, fruity shower gels are a popular treat, but just be sure that your current favourite isn’t going to dry out your skin when the dry cold weather comes in. You’ll want to find a shower gel that is soap-free as well as hydrating. In the autumn and winter, I like to put away the gels and bring out a creamy body wash.

2  Try an Oil-Based Scrub….I think oily based scrubs are perfect for fall and winter because you are getting the exfoliating benefits with the extra bonus of hydrating oils. And when it comes to oily scrubs, the choices are endless! You can find scrubs that have a lot of oil swimming on top all the way to scrubs that are more of a solid consistency.

3  Moisturize Every Single Day….I can’t stress this enough; if you want to keep dry skin at bay, you must hydrate your skin on a daily basis. The best time to apply your lotion is right after you’ve dried off after your shower or bath. Seal in the moisture that’s already been absorbed into your skin.

4  Analyse Your Skin….When the seasons change, you may notice your skin type changes as well. This is the time where some with oily skin might notice their skin turns a bit normal, or those with normal skin might consider their skin is suddenly dry.
Watch your skin as the weather turns cold to see if you need to change up your skin care products and switch them accordingly.

5  Organize Your Skin Care Routine….With facial masks, facial exfoliators and other extra skin care steps, it can be hard to remember when you applied your last peel or took the time for your last mask. This is a problem or irritation that you won’t ever have to worry about if you take the time to make a skin care routine.  I know it sounds funny, but if you know that every Sunday morning you’ll apply a facial mask, and Tuesdays and Fridays are saved for exfoliating, you’ll no longer have to think about it. Make your schedule for the days that work best for you and stick with it. Your skin will have the constant benefits, and you’ll see it in your face.

6  Don’t Forget Sunscreen….Just because you may not be laying on the beach doesn’t mean you can forget the sunscreen for the next 6 months. Sunscreen is a daily essential, so don’t set it aside.  Use a moisturizer with SPF 15 at the minimum and reapply with a facial sunscreen throughout the day as needed.

7  Remember Your Feet….Repeat after me, “I will not let my feet go without proper care this autumn and winter”. Say it, and mean it. Your feet are going to be stuck inside your boots and heals for months to come, and if you continue taking care of them and exfoliating them on a regular basis, you’ll have no problem popping back on your sandals when the time comes.
Plus, having nice feet just make you feel good, so grab a foot scrub and keep it in your shower.

8  Invest in a Cuticle Oil….One tell-tale sign of cold weather is dry cuticles. And many times your regular hand cream isn’t heavy-duty enough to tackle dry cuticles. By investing in a cuticle oil, you can quickly take care of the cracked skin and avoid that painful condition that’s so wide-spread in the cold months.
Simple apply oil onto your cuticles and rub in. Do this a couple times a week for best protection.

9  Ditch the Pastel Polish….Autumn is a great time to take a look at your nail polish collection and see what you are lacking in terms of deep colours. Pack away the cotton candy pinks and pastels and bring forward the burgundy’s, plums or even grab a chocolate brown, which is bold, but easier to wear than black.

10  Indulge in a New Hand Cream….Your hands are in and out of water on a very regular basis, so you need to apply moisturizer more frequently to your hands than the rest of your body. That’s why it’s so important to have a hand cream in your handbag. When you are out and about and need to wash your hands, you’ll have the hand cream by your side instead of at your sink. (Which of course you should have one there as well!)
Even if you don’t like the scent of highly scented lotions, you can find a fun hand cream to spice up your day.


Article by Jen Adkins liveabout.com

10 tips for a healthy lifestyle


1. Let it beet

It sounds bizarre, but beetroot could be a secret weapon against high blood pressure. The condition is a major cause of heart disease and stroke, but many people aren’t aware they have it as it has no symptoms. Now, researchers from Barts and the London School of Medicine say drinking 500ml of beetroot juice could dramatically reduce blood pressure after just one hour. So drink up the pink stuff.

2. Think outside the box

Us lazy Brits will spend 17 years of our lives on the sofa, with seven years of that devoted to watching TV. Next time you hear yourself say, “I haven’t got time to go to the gym” or you opt for ready meals because you’re too busy to cook fresh food, think about switching off the box and doing something healthy instead.

3. don’t take the biscuit

It may be a good idea to steer clear of the biscuit tin before you go shopping. A team from the University of Singapore recently discovered that the smell of chocolate chip cookies could make women splurge on unnecessary clothes when they hit the shops. The smell activates the part of your brain that wants instant gratification, although that’s no excuse for maxing out your credit cards.

4 . Embracing good health

Giving your partner a hug doesn’t just warm the heart, it can protect it too. A study by the University of North Carolina in 2005 found that hugging your other half for 20 seconds could lower blood pressure and reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. High levels of cortisol have been linked to heart disease and other conditions such as diabetes.

5. Pouring salt on the wound

We eat around 9.5g of salt a day, but the Government wants us to cut this to no more than 6g, as high levels of salt can push up your blood pressure, raising your risk of cardiovascular conditions. Many food labels only list salt as sodium however, but you can do a simple sum to work out their real salt content; just multiply by 2.5. So 0.8g of sodium becomes 2g of salt.

6. Sunny side up

Get outside in the sunshine for a natural boost. The sun’s rays on the skin help your body produce vitamin D, which has been shown to fight heart disease, depression, osteoporosis and even some types of cancer. There’s not a lot of sun around at this time of year, so make the most of it when it does appear!

7. One is the magic number

One of the largest studies into diet and cancer – the Europe-wide EPIC study – found that eating just one extra portion of fruit and vegetables a day could cut your risk of dying early from any cause by 20 per cent.

8. Holding back the years

Add 14 years to your life by following four very easy principles; don’t smoke, take regular exercise, drink sensibly and eat five portions of fruit and veg a day. These simple steps can have a huge impact on your life expectancy, say scientists from Cambridge University. If you only manage one thing, give up smoking as the study found this had the biggest impact on your health.

9. A step in the right direction

Previously, experts thought taking 10,000 steps a day was enough to control your weight, but a world-wide study has just established that women up to the age of 40 and men up to 50 need 12,000 steps a day to help shift that middle jiggle. Invest in a pedometer to make sure you’re hitting your target.

10. Laughter is the best medicine

Become a glass-half-full person! Studies have found that those with a positive attitude suffer less from conditions such as heart disease. Find something to laugh at every day to give your feel-good hormones a boost.


Article from independent.co.uk

Understanding AGEs, MMPs and other causes of skin aging


In recent years, scientists have come to understand the actual biochemical triggers that manifest skin aging, such as wrinkles, altered pigmentation, and loss of skin tone. These triggers are known as:

•    Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), also known as free radicals.
•    Matrix Metalloproteinases (or MMPs).
•    Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs).

Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are dangerous oxygen molecules generated by UV rays and pollution. ROS attack and react with stable skin cell molecules, causing cross-linking of collagen and elastin (the cause of wrinkles) while lessening skin’s ability to repair itself.

Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs) are enzymes activated by UV exposure or inflammation. MMPs contribute to the breakdown of collagen while inhibiting new collagen formation.

The same glucose (sugar) that provides energy for our cells can also react with proteins, including the skin’s collagen. This reaction results in the formation of Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs), which can contribute to loss of elasticity, wrinkles, inflammation, inhibited skin cell growth and accelerated aging.

Because we understand these triggers, skin care professionals are better equipped to effectively treat, and control, the signs of skin aging.

5 Ways with Frangipani Monoi Body Oil


Award winning ELEMIS frangipani oil for dry skin 

For many of us, it’s love at first touch with this heavenly scented, rapidly absorbed oil. How do we love thee Frangipani Monoi Body Oil? Let us count the ways…

  • For Hands
  • For Hair
  • For Body
  • For Feet
  • For Massage

1.For hands

If hands need a little TLC, apply into the palms and rub in, paying special attention to the nails and cuticles. Pop on some cotton gloves if you have time for a longer treatment and wave goodbye to dry, chapped hands.

2. For hair

Massage a small amount into hair after washing and wrap in a warm towel for a weekly intensive treatment. After 15 minutes, shampoo and rinse to leave locks shiny and silky with a new lease of life.

3. For body

Apply to the body when still damp after a shower for maximum absorption and locked-in hydration. Add to your bath as well for a double hit of moisture – limbs are lusciously scented and enviably soft.

4. For feet

Take time to massage into feet and toes after a bath before putting on socks for the night. A deeply conditioning treatment that leaves those rough heels softened and smooth. You’ll be walking on sunshine even if it’s raining outside.

5. For massage

ELEMIS therapists use Frangipani Monoi oil in many of our treatments because it is so well loved and the results are instant. Apply a small amount to your neck and shoulders for a self-massage before sleeping. Skin is softened and the scent will lull you into sweet slumber.

Article www.elemis.com

How To Stay Calm: Wellbeing Experts Reveal Their Top Tips


It’s hard to imagine a wellbeing expert getting stressed, tense or anxious, but take it from us – they do! We might rush to find a supplement but they would rather indulge in a soothing handmade mindfulness ritual that fixes things surprisingly fast. Feeling a bit overwhelmed yourself? Choose from their stay-calm menu…

1 Relax with a mask

Capitalise on that direct route to the brain via the nose, and raise the status of beauty mask application to a mind-soothing therapy. 
Margo Marrone, co-founder of The Organic Pharmacy, has a gem.

Margo’s secret? “I have a lot of de-stressing tactics but my favourite is to cleanse my skin, then slather on a deeply nourishing honey and jasmine face mask, and pop on an eye mask,” says Margo. “I then focus on my breath for ten minutes, and allow thoughts to come and go. The eye mask stops me using my phone and the beauty mask not only calms and uplifts me (jasmine is a natural de-stresser), but it’s also pampering.” How smart is that?

2 Embrace nature

Fresh air is nature’s own Prozac, so wellbeing experts are first out the door when stress mounts. “I find nothing more soothing than being outside when work overwhelms me,” says herbalist Tipper Lewis. “Green spaces, walking and gardening all help me relax.”

Tipper’s secret? “Recreate the scent of the outdoors with essential oils; I love blending pine, rosemary, vetiver and bergamot in a diffuser for a relaxing foresty vibe!” says Tipper. Make her “forest” by blending 6 drops bergamot, 4 drops pine, 3 drops rosemary, 1 drop vetiver and adding to a diffuser, which creates a soothing and hydrating mist.

3 Touch away tension

Touch has magical properties, helping to release tension wherever it gathers. “A lot of tension and stress manifests in the most powerful joint in the body – the jaw,” says Bowen Technique expert Nikke Ariff, “reflecting the physical and emotional states we’re experiencing.”

Nikke’s secret? “The fastest way to restore calm, stay grounded and banish muscular tension is to…”Rest your index fingers behind your ears and allow the rest of the fingers to rest on the sides of the face.” 
”Slowly move your hands up and down, lightly stroking from where the top of the ear joins the face, and all the way down to the edge of the jaw. Repeat about eight times until a wave of calm cascades through you. You can repeat this as often as you need and want,” says Nikke.

To experience Nikke’s expert touch, visit mindbodypositive.com

4 Stretch to sleep

Easier said than done, but Super Sleep Yoga creator Lisa Sanfilippo has a pre-sleep ritual. “When I’m trying to get to sleep and my mind is hyperactive, the best way to calm it is with yoga stretches,” says Lisa. “Eighty per cent of the nerve messaging between the body and brain is the body telling the brain how to interpret its posture and surroundings. So I make sure that those messages are ‘calm’ and ‘safe’ using grounding stretches.” Lisa’s secret lies in her sequence of stretches to open the heart and lungs. Like to try them? Go to supersleepyoga.com to see them for free.

Lisa also likes to… 
Turn down the lights at least 30 minutes before bed.
 Wash feet with warm water and apply a calming oil like Yogandha’s Relax Body Oil or simple untoasted organic sesame oil. 
Pop on some woolly or cotton socks, then jot thoughts and ideas in her journal to make sure her mind is clear.

5 Love a foot rub

It can chill you out as much as a full body massage. Aromatherapy guru Glenda Taylor does it with her fave essential oil.

Glenda’s secret? “Chamomile! It’s the calming royalty of aromatherapy. Just add 5 drops of chamomile to 1tbsp of sweet almond oil.” Here’s her ritual..
”Feet are the mirror of the body,” says Glenda, “so massage the corresponding areas with chamomile oil to soothe aches and relieve stress.” 
The big toe reflects the head, and the base of big toes the neck, so giving that area a good rub and gentle rotation will ease a tense neck. 
Under the arch of the foot is the tummy. Massaging this area clockwise can be seriously relaxing.
The bony joint below the little toe is the shoulders. The line along the instep is the spine and reflects upper and lower back – upper being nearest the big toe. Massaging these areas of the foot will soothe and ground you.

Want to feel more chamomile love? Try Cottage Chamomile Bath Melts, £8 for four.

6 Breathe out stress

We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t mention breathing as a speedy route to calm. Myofascial Release expert Lyn Breakwell knows its power.

Lyn’s secret? “If I’m overwired I remember to breathe fully into the lower abdomen, side ribs and chest. I then reverse it out from the chest and all the way back to the lower abdomen,” says Lyn.

Here are her tricks…
 If you’re stressed, breathe in for a count of 4 and out for 4 through the nose. Repeat until you feel calm.
 If you’re panicked or hyper-tense do the same, but breathe out through pursed lips. We tried this and it’s brill – just like steam from a kettle!

Find Lyn on Facebook or email listening-touch@lyn.bodywork

7 Press away stress

Acupuncture is a sure-fire tension-relieving success, but when you need an on-the-spot fix, acupressure is the way to go. “It’s a brilliant age-old technique that is used to calm the mind,” says top aromatherapist Colleen Harte, creator of the gorgeous Lucy Annabella skincare collection.

Colleen’s secret? A couple of wonderfully simple techniques.

Soothe your mind: “Apply gentle but firm pressure in a clockwise motion to the middle of the palm side of the wrist, at the natural crease,” suggests Colleen. “By stimulating this point, you will calm the mind while softly grounding your thoughts.”

Ease tension: “A great second point is ‘joining the valleys’,” says Colleen. “This is my go-to point for calming when life is manic. It’s on the web between your thumb and index finger. Squeeze your thumb against the base of the index finger to relieve tension.”

Breathe: “Use a mindful blend of spearmint and lemongrass essential oils. These two combine to release endorphins while also grounding us,” says Colleen. Mix a couple of drops of each and add to a soothing bath.

8 Write off the pressure

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the daily grind? You can lift yourself up without a pill or supplement. Aromatherapy expert Annee de Mamiel has a soothing duo that works in the gentlest way.

Annee’s secret? A great cup of chamomile tea. “I love it, but it has to be whole flower bud tea. It’s pungent and wonderfully calming,” enthuses Annee. “I also try and empty my head by writing down thoughts – I write every morning if I can. It’s very relaxing.” How simple is that?

At the other end of the day she likes to use her own award-winning Altitude Oil, with its mix of pine, peppermint and lemon myrtle. “I always pop a few drops onto my pillow, it encourages me to breathe deeply and calmly – deep breathing calms the whole nervous system and it’s one of the best ways to give the body time to calm and rebalance.” Try Jing Chamomile Flowers, £2.25 for 10g, or £34 for 100 tea bags, and De Mamiel Altitude Oil, £28 for 10ml

9 Soak away the stress

A bath can be as good as a spa for de-stressing. This Works creator Kathy Phillips is an expert in calm…

Kathy’s secret? “Simple pleasures are my route to relaxation and calm,” says Kathy. 
First of all, silence. “I once spent a week in silence and it was bliss.”
 Then a good cup of tea – it doesn’t even have to be herbal. 
Crisp white sheets, plump pillows and a view of the garden are next. 
And then, a yoga class with its post-class glow, followed by a long bath with essential oils of lavender, vetiver and chamomile. Gathering together our own simple pleasures is an effortless way to create a ritual.

10 Mix up a “calmtail”

OK, it’s tempting to rifle the booze cabinet when you’re stressed, but this is a wellbeing feature so don’t push it! Nutritionist Rick Hay has a mocktail that does the relaxing biz perfectly.

Rick’s secret? “When you fancy a drink to take the edge off a mind frazzling day, try a mocktail version of a Long Island Iced Tea instead,” says Rick. “It mixes like a cocktail, looks like a cocktail and, thanks to the theanine in the tea, will promote alpha waves and contribute towards a feeling of wellbeing.”

So how do you make a 
Long Island Iced Tea Mocktail
? Into a jug, pour… 300ml filtered water, a whole lemon cut up, few sprigs of mint, small piece of ginger, 2 or 3 tea bags, ice cubes. Leave to infuse in the fridge until chilled then strain into a tall glass. Add more mint and ice cubes. 
The bonus? Along with the theanine, vitamin C supports the adrenals, and ginger and mint are both nervous system tonics.

Article by Woman and Home Magazine March 2017

Resurfacing – What does it mean for your skin?


Cosmetic surgery is a huge industry. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, some 15.9 million surgical and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures were performed in the United States in 2015 alone – even higher than the number performed in 2014. And it is easy to understand the appeal – you go to sleep or are sedated and, when you come to, that problem area on your face or body that has bothered you for years is gone. But with some procedures such as facelifts potentially costing up to USD 12,000, and with possible side effects including, but not limited to, decolourisation, asymmetry, infection, bad scar tissue, and tissue necrosis, this is not the solution for everyone.

Now, men and women alike are looking for effective and less costly alternatives to cosmetic surgery. The future of the aesthetic market is becoming increasingly focused on non-invasive solutions.  

Skin resurfacing

Though it has been around in some form since the ‘80s, skin resurfacing represents the next level of skin care and anti-ageing. Scientific advancements have greatly enhanced understanding and knowledge of what skin resurfacing is and its potential. From continuous wave carbon dioxide laser to non-ablative laser systems used widely today, this is one of the fastest growing sectors in the market.

pHformula has taken skin resurfacing even further, with dermatological, non-invasive and tailored skin resurfacing treatments based on more then three decades of combined scientific, medical and beauty knowledge and experience.

So what is resurfacing and what does it do to your skin?

It is a non-invasive process that rejuvenates your skin layer by layer. Controlled skin resurfacing goes beyond the outer layer of the skin to actively provoke an accelerated form of cell regeneration in all layers.  New skin cells form from the inside out, resulting in a more radiant, younger-looking skin surface – reducing the appearance of trauma or irritation without the risk and cost associated with cosmetic surgery.

And pHformula’s approach to skin resurfacing is unique in the aesthetic market.

pHformula’s treatment system pioneers the collaboration of regenerative medicine with chemical skin resurfacing – resulting in something completely different, more effective, and without the negative side effects of something like conventional skin peeling. 

Skin resurfacing is for men and women, anywhere from 20 to 60 years old. It has proven particularly effective on wrinkled, sun-damaged skin, brown spots, blotchy colouring, fine lines around the mouth, eyes and upper eyelids, even scars from acne, chicken pox or facial injury.

pHformula’s skin resurfacing treatments

Targeted to your needs and skin type – whether that be anti-ageing, hyperpigmentation, chronic redness, acne, wrinkle, or even if you are looking for a radiance boost. Different treatments can be combined in a specially-designed program with controlled strength and depth depending on what your skin needs.

 pHformula’s A.G.E. 1,2 and 3 solutions are active and effective skin resurfacing treatments specifically for the signs of ageing, such as photo-ageing, pigment changes, a dull or sallow appearance, and superficial and medium expression lines. A superior delivery complex ensures the penetration of active ingredients, – including retinol, to regulate cellular differentiation and provide a powerful anti-oxidant; mandelic acid, shown to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; lactobionic acid to assist in wound healing; and pyruvic acid to stimulate collagen.

M.E.L.A.  1,2 and 3 Powerclays represent a powerful blend of ingredients in a clay base to assist in the even and rapid penetration of the actives. The combination of phytic acid for antioxidant power, lactobionic acid for repairing the overall structural integrity of the skin, along with several other dynamic ingredients ensure the superior improvement of hyperpigmentation spots in all skin types.

The layer and leave on formulation of pHformula’s skin resurfacing means that treatments don’t need to be timed – the products used are self-neutralising and can be left on the skin. A package of integrated pre- and post-resurfacing recovery support can be used at home, guaranteeing the best possible results and maintenance, and the “outside in” and “inside out” philosophy ensures powerful nutrients are put to work inside while your skin is rapidly restored on the surface.

Powerful ingredients uniquely combined form the M.E.S.O resurfacing treatment, the ultimate skin resurfacing solution. This treatment tackles various ageing problems including the neck and décolleté, and fine lines around the mouth and eyes. A natural collagen induction therapy working with the innovative M.E.S.O. glow device stimulates the skin’s natural defences to repair and produce collagen and proteins in the affected areas. The skin’s thickness is increased, superficial scars are smoothed, stretch marks reduced and fine lines erased.

So, for those who don’t want the cost and risk associated with cosmetic surgery, there are options. And with the advancements in anti-ageing, there are bound to be increasingly more options in the future.  With the professional guidance and advice of your skin specialist, pHformula’s skin resurfacing can give you a tailored treatment unlike anything else available on the market today.

Petru van Zyl is the founder of pHformula and one of South Africa’s leading skincare therapists with over 18 years of experience to share. Petru is also a researcher and author of some of the most acknowledged and influential educational material used and applied in more than 28 countries today.

Award Winning Team Renaissance!


We are very proud of Renaissance and our team and we strive hard every day to improve be better.  As a result we’ve been fortunate to win many local and industry awards.


Natalie and Georgia – as nominated by Team Renaissance – Miss Renaissance and Miss Client Care 2017!

Finalist – English Hair and Beauty Awards – Beauty Therapist of the Year 2017 (Kelly Cole)

Finalist – English Hair & Beauty Awards – Team of the Year 2017

Winner – Knowsley Business Awards – Retailer of the Year 2016

Finalist – Beauty Salon of the Year – British Beauty Awards 2016

prof Regional Awards Finalist Logo

Finalist – Professional Beauty Awards – Regional Salon 2016


Finalist – English Hair and Beauty Awards – Best Massage Therapist 2016 – Andrea Woods (right)

beauty awards 2

Finalist – English Hair and Beauty Awards – Best Tanning Salon 2016

awards employer-of-the-year

Renaissance – Winner Employer of the Year 2015 Knowsley Business Awards

Diane 1

Finalist Knowsley Business Awards Employee of the Year 2015 – Diane Wilson

kelly awards

Winner – English Hair and Beauty Awards Best Massage Therapist 2015 – Kelly Cole


Winner – English Hair and Beauty Awards Tanning Salon of the Year 2015

awards 1

Finalist – Professional Beauty Awards Employer of the Year 2015

Finalist – Family Business Awards North 2015


Winner – English Hair and Beauty Awards – Fake Bake Best Tanning Therapist 2014

awards knowsley 2014

Finalist – Knowsley Business Awards Outstanding Customer Care 2014


Twice Winner – Professional Beauty Awards Best Beauty Therapist UK – Tricia Ackers

Our awards and nominations include….

Finalist English Hair and Beauty Awards….Team of the Year 2017

Finalist English Hair and Beauty Awards….Beauty Therapist of Year 2017

Winner Knowsley Business Awards….Retailer of the Year 2016

Finalist Professional Beauty Awards….Regional Salon 2016

Finalist British Hair and Beauty Awards….Customer Care Experience 2016

Finalist British Hair and Beauty Awards….Beauty Salon of the Year 2016

Finalist English Hair and Beauty Awards…Massage Therapist of the Year 2016

Finalist Tanning Salon of the Year 2016

Winner Knowsley Business Awards…Employer of the Year and Finalist Employee of the Year

Finalist Knowsley Business Awards Employee of the Year 2015

Winner English Hair and Beauty Awards…Massage Therapist of the Year 2015

Winner Tanning Salon of the Year 2015

Finalist Professional Beauty Awards…Employer of the Year 2015

Finalist Family Business of the Year North 2015

Winner English Hair and Beauty Awards…Best Tanning Therapist 2014

Finalist Knowsley Business Awards…Outstanding Customer Care 2014

Twice Winner Professional Beauty Awards…Best Beauty Therapist UK and four times finalist

Finalist in the Professional Beauty Awards…Best Beauty Salon UK

Twice winner Best Receptionist in the St Helens Tourism Awards

Premier Dermalogica and Jessica salon and other local business awards.

Does water dry out your skin?


Some 50 to 70 percent of our body is water. We lose water every day, without realizing, so it is important to replenish our body’s water supply.  Water aids in circulation, digestion, absorption and excretion. It increases our metabolic rate and improves our digestive system, which removes toxins and waste from our body.

Does drinking water benefit your skin?

There are ongoing debates about the benefits of drinking water for your skin. Some believe that drinking plenty of water leaves your skin glowing. Others will say it has no proven effects whatsoever. In any case, the skin is an organ and, just like any other organ, is made up of cells. And cells are made up of water. So it makes sense that, without water, the cells will not function at their best – and your skin will not look its best.  When dehydrated, your skin can become dry, tight, flaky, and irritated. Dry skin has less resilience, less radiance, and is more prone to wrinkling.

Proper hydration however, can help to maintain optimum skin moisture and deliver nutrients to our skin cells.  It replenishes skin tissue and increases elasticity, which in turn can delay the appearance of signs of ageing, like wrinkles and fine lines. And drinking water can also help to combat disorders such as psoriasis, eczema, and wrinkles.

And what about washing our faces with water?

It is something we do without really thinking about it, a standard part of our daily skincare routine.

You should be cleansing your face before washing, to remove makeup and other products. Cosmetics today are designed with amazing staying power – so often water alone is not going to be enough to clean your skin. However, don’t be fooled into over-exfoliating or over washing. If your skin is looking less than its best, it is normal to want to throw products at the problem. But overdoing it will only lead to more dryness, irritation, and inflammation. As with most things in life, moderation is key.  And no matter what you do, be gentle – don’t scrub or rub vigorously with a towel. Be kind to your face. Wash and apply products in a soft, circular pattern.

However, some soaps and cleansers are full of chemicals and can be very harsh. The top layer of your skin plays a vital role in keeping moisture inside and using rough products can damage and strip this outer layer, so while washing your face with water is a much gentler option it is good to remember the temperature of the water has an important role to play.

Most people will have heard the myth: wash your face with hot water to open your pores, and cold water to close them. Don’t believe it – exposing your skin to extremes of temperature can cause irritation, dryness, and redness. You need a good lukewarm, in-between temperature to avoid upsetting your face. And while it can be tempting to stay in a hot shower a couple of minutes longer on a cold day, remember that long exposure to water can strip the skin of natural oils which again can result in dryness and irritation.

The importance of moisturizing cannot be overstated.

The right moisturizer for you can prevent and treat dry skin, protect sensitive skin, improve your barrier function, and protect you from harsh environmental elements. Moisturizer should be applied as soon as possible after washing – moist skin enables better absorption and penetration of products.

pHformula has designed a range of products to restore the balance of your skin, prevent dehydration, and help keep your skin healthy and radiant. The range of Vita creams developed by pHformula help all the nutrients and goodness of vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C absorb directly into your skin

The Vita A cream is a powerful moisturizing complex that contains retinol to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, acts as a powerful antioxidant, and provides 24-hour hydration and protection of the skin. Particularly suitable for skin showing signs of ageing, it is an advanced treatment product that can diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and age spots from both photo and intrinsic-ageing.

Vitamin B3 is essential to prevent and reverse the visible signs of redness, pigment changes, and ageing. The highly concentrated Vita B cream developed by pHformula protects your skin against free radicals and harmful environmental factors while restoring softer, more comfortable skin. Niacinamide is added to increase the production of fatty acids and ceramides, which form a protective barrier. The 24-hour moisturizing complex also helps to improve flushing and blushing, and minimize dark spots.

And the benefits of vitamin C are well known and numerous. It is one of nature’s most powerful anti-oxidants. Vitamin C can shield the skin from harmful free radicals found in the environment around us, and can reduce the appearance of brown spots and sun damage, promote firmer skin through boosting the synthesis of collagen, and improve the ability of the skin to heal. pHformula’s Vita C cream contains a stable form of vitamin C, which improves skin elasticity, decreases fine lines and wrinkles, and promotes wound healing. The cream promotes long-lasting hydration while retaining water in the skin and is perfectly suited to dehydrated skin or skin showing visible signs of photo-ageing.

And finally, the pHformula S.O.S Rescue Oil is designed for those with dry, sensitive skin, with fine lines and wrinkles. It is a unique combination of oil blends and naturally-sourced actives to restore your skin’s radiance and improve the production of collagen.

Our environment today is full of hazards – pollution, cigarette smoke, UV rays, extreme cold – and water alone cannot always combat this. Sometimes your skin needs a little extra help. Being aware of how you are washing your skin and what you may need to complement your skincare routine can keep it radiant.

Petru van Zyl
Petru van Zyl is the founder of pHformula and one of South Africa’s leading skincare therapists with over 18 years of experience to share. Petru is also a researcher and author of some of the most acknowledged and influential educational material used and applied in more than 28 countries today.
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